The Furreal Story Behind Swamp Juice Horse+Pet Shampoo

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Once there was a company that recognized a need for an all-natural, earth friendly insect repellent. They created a product that is safe, protects against biting flies and mosquitoes, is pet and children friendly and is effective without the use of harsh chemicals. They named it Swamp Juice. Humans loved it so much, they began using it on their pets. Eco Solutions went back to the drawing board and added aloe vera to its repellent and created Swamp Juice for pets.

Miley the dog, loved Swamp Juice so much, she told her friend Pistol the horse about it. Pistol is quite the athletic performer and loves the ladies. So, when he had to swish his tail or blink his eyes to keep the biting flies and mosquitoes away, it annoyed him.  So, Eco Solutions began making the repellent in larger sizes. It was a hit! The fragrance was pleasant and non-irritating, and with the inclusion of aloe vera in the formula, it helped soothe and heal the bites that were already there. Pistol was so pleased, he told his friend,  Murphy the horse about it.  Murphy liked to be included in everything and doesn't like being left behind. One day, they were talking, and Pistol said to Murphy, "Wouldn't it be great if we had shampoo with Swamp Juice in it?" and...…. a star was born.

We are proud to introduce Swamp Juice Shampoo for horses and dogs! Formulated with the same natural ingredients as our repellent, the shampoo is designed to work in conjunction with the insect repellent to give your dogs and horses a double layer of protection, while cleaning and soothing their skin and leaving behind a clean, fresh scent and shiny, healthy coat.  Proudly made in the USA. 


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