About Us


Eco-Solutions Farm To Table, LLC is a privately owned manufacturer and distributor of natural health and wellness products. Headquartered in Odessa, Florida, a suburb north of the Greater Tampa Bay, Eco-Solutions delivers effective, safe and fast-acting solutions to meet the needs and concerns of today’s consumers.


Eco-Solutions is committed to developing safe and environmentally friendly products that effectively solve human as well as global concerns. The company will continue its corporate citizenship and goodwill by participating and contributing to charitable causes as well as foundations.

Technology Overview

The patented technology within the Eco-Solutions natural health and wellness products a natural process if imprinting liquids and solids with positive frequency. Similar to the characteristics of a battery, the charged particles slowly emit stored energy over a period of time.  

The sand and/or glass is imprinted, or “charged”, with frequencies from the extreme infrared region of the electro optical spectrum. These frequencies fall within the FDA approved range for exposure to humans as well as food exposure. The technology is similar to the frequency range of an infrared food warming lamp, or a body warming infrared lamp in a bathroom.

Eco-Solutions is safe, easy to use and environmentally friendly. The technology is all natural, FDA Compliant and safe for use around humans, animals and plants/food.

Eco-Solutions technology has been shown to positively impact matter that contains water. The molecular structure of the water changes from a chaotic, disorganized state, to a non-chaotic, homogenous state.