Laci Southerland - Armed and Fabulous Targeting Covid-19

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Recent Facebook Post by Laci Southerland, Eco-Solutions sponsored barrell-racer. Laci writes...

I can’t even begin to express the gratitude and love I have for the people in my life! To be able to help out in this crazy time with Covid, making sure Jett’s amazing school is ready to open and teach confidently, knowing they are protected to the max. No harsh chemicals, disinfectant time is less than 1 minute, safe for kids to lick walls! 😜 (We all know some do! Lol!)

But joking aside, I can’t thank Ed Kempf and Eco-Solutions FarmtoTable enough for their dedication and donation to ensure these kids and the staff are taken care of! There have been some product in testing for MONTHS (and used in hospitals today) that we were finally able to use and will be available shortly for sale! Guys, it’s a GAME CHANGER!

Thank you Warren Sprague for donating the electrostatic sprayer for the school too! This ensures each day, it’s sanitized to the max in literally 1-2 minute time in each class! (Top to bottom, every inch). I won’t lie, I kind of shed a tear handing that bad boy over! Lol!

Thank you to Jett’s school for taking all precautions necessary. It truly is a huge weight lifted from my shoulders too knowing he will be in the best of hands!

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