Two Pocket Pebbles

Two Pocket Pebbles

  • $9.95

Two PocketPebbles. PocketPebbles are positively charged beads of glass that emit a beneficial frequency that has been shown to improve overall health. PocketPebbles have been shown to reduce inflammation, decrease stress and help the body release harmful endotoxins.


How does it work?
Each PocketPebble is made of a highly charged and energized glass imprinted with our patented process. It will envelop you with a sense of wellness and improved quality of life when you hold it in your hand. The intent is to generate a healing environment for the human body as a whole. PocketPebbles have been imprinted with optimal frequencies readily absorbed by water containing matter.  This has resulted in a harmonized and organized state as opposed to a chaotic or non-coherent state.  There is a wide range of changes verified by accredited laboratories and research companies.


Is it safe?
PocketPebbles are 100% safe.  The imprinted frequencies have no harmful effects on humans or animals. There have been studies with the core technology demonstrating rapid decreases in oxidative stress, less inflammation and less endotoxin load. These changes take place within minutes and have been confirmed by numerous blinded studies.


How do I use it?
Place the Pocket Pebble in your pocket or in your hand.  It is portable and can be applied directly to an area of the body affected by inflammation.


DO NOT MICROWAVE this object.  Microwave radiation will cause the Pocket Pebble to lose its ability to improve health, happiness and sense of well being.