Eco-Sanitizer Powered by Sodium Chlorite

Eco-Sanitizer Powered by Sodium Chlorite

  • $8.99

Eco-Sanitizer is a professional grade hard surface cleaner powered by Sodium Chlorite, an EPA approved ingredient for eliminating Coronavirus. Eco-Sanitizer is specifically designed for cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces. Eco-Sanitizer features a water-soluable, non-toxic ingredients that kill viruses, bacteria, allergens & mold.

Eco-Sanitizer product features include:

  • Short Dwell Time
  • 80% Sodium Chlorite
  • On The EPA Approved List
  • Three variants to choose from: Lemon Scented, Fresh Mint Scented, or Unscented
  • Proudly Made in the USA

Active Ingredient: Sodium Chlorite (80%)

Other Ingredients: Purified Water and Essential Oils (when scented).

Directions For Use: Spray evenly. Let stand for one minute and then wipe clean. Protect electronics.