32OZ Bottle Swamp Juice Horse Shampoo with Insect Repellent

32OZ Bottle Swamp Juice Horse Shampoo with Insect Repellent

  • $15.00


Need an alternative to harsh chemicals or toxic alcohols in your horse and pet shampoo? Swamp Juice Shampoo+Insect Repellent cleans and protects naturally. The secret is aloe vera which is known to rejuvenate coats and repel biting insects.

Formulated using Eco-Solutions’ patented process, SwampJuice Shampoo+Insect Repellent provides a safe alternative to common, chemical-filled products. Use Shampoo+Insect Repellent to protect your horses & pets from mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika virus and encephalitis.

Laboratory tests from Serra Research show that Shampoo+Insect Repellent exhibited outstanding repellency. After 45 minutes both LIB and BF reported 100% Repellency. To clarify, LIB stands for mosquitoes that “Land with the Intent to Bite” and BF stands for “Biting and Feeding.” In other words, SwampJuice is highly effective at preventing mosquito and other common insect bites.

  • DEET-free
  • GMO-free
  • Non-irritating
  • Proudly Made in the USA

What Customers Are Saying:

  • ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Swamp Juice Shampoo! We use it on our show dogs, and it doesn’t leave them dry or flakey. Great smell and definitely helps with the gnats in our area! Highly recommend!
  • I have looked for years for a shampoo with repellent added and I just couldn’t find anything. A friend showed us Swamp Juice Shampoo and had to try it! We have used it on all of our horses, from a 2-month-old to our old man on property. It works flawlessly! Easily suds up but rinses off so nicely, leaving a pleasant smell. Really liked how it sure helped with the flies and mosquitos! Lasts quite a long time too! Thank you, Swamp Juice!
  • We won a chance to try this shampoo a couple months back and so glad we did! The gnats and mosquitos have been HORRIBLE this year and nothing seemed to help. We used the shampoo on the dogs, horses and even ourselves! We were so impressed with how well it works and lasts! I noticed on the dogs, if it started to rain or they got wet, you definitely could still smell the repellent! Love, love, love this stuff!
  • I hate waste! My problem with shampoos is they are too “jelly” and I seem to waste a lot of it. This shampoo is a thin liquid, great for a spray bottle or to use on a sponge with minimal waste. Light but sure does its job!