Face & Eye Cupping Kit - DFLifestyle - BOGO

Face & Eye Cupping Kit - DFLifestyle - BOGO

  • $6.99

BE READY FOR A NEW LOOK! Say “goodbye” to dark circles, saggy skin and wrinkles! With your face cupping set you will refresh your look and even get an instant facelift! Face cupping will tone your skin, redefine your face contour and jaw line. Get a glowing complexion with just 5 minutes of cupping! Enjoy your complimentary bonuses: the deep pore cleansing brush for daily use and the “Cupping Guide" eBook!

YOUNG AND TONED: Cupping therapy stimulates collagen and elastin in a non-invasive way. Facial cupping prevents and reduces wrinkles and puffiness, making you literally look younger. Muscle firming is an additional benefit noticeable even after the first use!

SAVE TIME AND MONEY: Are you a busy person? Forget about spending time and money in expensive beauty salons! Experience the benefits of cupping for face and apply your rejuvenation techniques and acne scar treatment right now, in the comfort of your own home. Forget about face masks, anti aging creams, injections or other invasive and health-threatening procedures! Just give this a try! And don't forget about your loved ones. This cupping set could be the perfect gift for them!

WHY WE ARE YOUR BEST CHOICE: Because you want a premium product. Because we believe in quality. While other cupping therapy sets are made of grade 3 silicone, our set is made of premium silicone grade 9, meticulously tested. Our cups are comfortable and flexible, designed for an excellent grip and control of suction. Your cupping set will arrive at your door in waterproof and resealable packaging.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We believe in helping people stay healthy and beautiful. We stand behind our premium products bearing our brand name. Remember that YOU ARE COVERED BY OUR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and by our unparalleled customer service. You buy at NO RISK. ADD TO CART NOW and join hundreds of our satisfied customers!