Swamp Cream

Swamp Cream

  • $39.99

After months of research and development, we have formulated the perfect blend of Aloe Vera and botanicals in an easy to apply cream that will bring fast, temporary relief to minor aches and pains. Almost everyone knows the benefits of aloe Vera. It has been used for decades as an all-natural, topical pain relief product for burns, cuts, bruises and to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Proven to be safe and effective for reducing inflammation and lubricating cell membranes for quick pain relief. All of these natural ingredients along with other essential oils and extracts have been blended together to create the perfect combination in an easy to apply, greaseless cream.

Topical creams are an effective alternative to pills in managing pain. Delivered directly through the skin, you can avoid side effects such as upset stomach, nausea and guessing how much you should take. It empowers you to manage your own pain relief.

Excellent relief for muscle and joint pain and will begin to take effect immediately. Rubbed directly into the site, you can begin to feel relief within 5 to 15 minutes and it will generally last for several hours. Because of our all natural ingredients, we have an excellent safety profile, even around pets and children.

Contains no parabens or sulfates. Easily absorbed into skin, non-greasy and no offensive odor. Our proprietary blend of ingredients are not found in any other product on the market today.