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QuartzMagic enhances plant growth for fuller and larger fruit/vegetable production. QuartzMagic plants showed 50% more growth, flowers, and more fruit in independent testing. QuartzMagic is 100% FDA compliant and adheres to all certified organic guidelines.

Our patented technology charges the particles of silica-rich sand with a frequency that promotes healthy plant growth and protects against diseases. Similar to the characteristics of a battery, the charged particles slowly emit stored energy over a period of time creating a beneficial biosphere for your plants to thrive in. This natural biosphere can also protect your plants from common pests that can destroy plants.

QuartzMagic is imprinted, or “charged”, with frequencies from the extreme infrared region of the electro optical spectrum. QuartzMagic is safe, easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Proven to speed growth, increase yields, and repel pests. Reduces bacteria growth and helps plants retain moisture.

Study Results

  • Root system using QuartzMagic were at least 100% more dense.
  • Noticed less mold in water tank and the pod.
  • Infestation of Whiteflies was much lower on the QuartzMagic plants side of the green house.
  • QuartzMagic plants where up to 50% bigger, greener fuller, larger fruiting.
  • Was able to harvest at end 6 weeks. Generally it takes 8-12 weeks.
  • Overall YIELD resulted in a 20% increase and better looking product.