LazerGlaze Nano Ceramic Sealer

LazerGlaze Nano Ceramic Sealer

  • $19.99

LAZER GLAZE is a long-lasting, advanced formula, easy to use, multi-application polymer, and sealer. It seals and restores virtually any surface, such as paint, metal, plastic, brick, fiberglass, wood, rubber, fabric, and leather. Use on cars, motorcycles, trucks, RVs, ATVs, trains, and planes. LAZER GLAZE was initially formulated for use on aircraft to promote less drag, better fuel economy, better shine, and less time washing. LAZER GLAZE creates a protective barrier on stainless steel sinks, inside gutters, patio furniture, decks, shower walls, commodes, ceramics, tools, and more. 

USE CAUTION: This product creates a very slippery surface. Do not use on floors or interior seating. This product may create glare. Use on appropriate surfaces only.

Use LAZER GLAZE to seal, shine, and coat hard surfaces. The low-maintenance coating provides a barrier that helps prevent rot, corrosion, UV light damage, paint oxidation, and water penetration. LAZER GLAZE creates a non-stick barrier that is easy to clean. It also extends the life of painted and sealed surfaces. Internal tests have shown that LAZER GLAZE is easier to apply and has significantly more gloss and durability than most leading competitors.

KEY BENEFITS: Easy, quick application - approximately 30 minutes to do a car. No mixing; it’s a 100% ready-to-use product. Restores and helps prevent damage from weather, acid rain, bug spatter, and soils.

Directions for Use: WASH CAR FREE OF ALL SOILS, GREASE, AND OIL BEFORE APPLYING. Do not apply over old wax or polish. Use oil-resistant gloves. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Apply on surface temperatures between 40°F and 80°F. Do not apply to windshields. You can apply this product to side windows and mirrors. Keep away from sources of ignition. Keep away from children.

Less Maintenance - Less Washing - More Shine

- More Depth of Color - More Durability