EcoEgg Food Preserver

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EcoEgg is the most revolutionary breakthrough in food preservation since the refrigerator! EcoEgg helps to preserve meat, vegetables, fruit, poultry, fish, bread, milk, juice, cereal and crackers. Keeping them fresher and healthier for weeks longer! EcoEgg lasts an entire year with no maintenance required. This patented technology works to reduce oxidation and retain the moisture in your food - resulting in fresher and healthier foods. It’s laboratory tested and scientifically proven. Enjoy Freshness and Savings Delivered Daily!


Place one EcoEgg™ in the center of the middle shelf of your refrigerator. EcoEgg™ preserves meats, fish, poultry, dairy, cold cuts, cheese and more. EcoEgg™ works best in a standard refrigerator approximately 17 cubic feet. Larger refrigerators may require two EcoEgg™ units.


EcoEgg™ will increase the shelf life of breads, cereals and dry goods. Place bread in close proximity to the EcoEgg™.

Made In The USA.